Web & Mobile Development

We can help you turn your vision into a great product.

Requirement Analysis
Project Management
Software Development, QA
Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Team Staffing

Our specialists can work alongside your team.

Skilled and Experienced Architects, Developers and QA Specialists
Flexible Terms of Engagement
Cost Effective
Off-Shore Developers based in Poland


PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis




React Native
iOS (Objective-C, Swift)


Jenkins, CI, DevOps


  • Idea

    We sit down with you to discuss your idea. Before we give you our expertise and discuss our preferred approach, we want to know your business and make sure we understand problems your product is solving.
  • Preparation

    OK, we have an idea of what you might need, so now we can talk the details. This phase involves discussing our proposed approach, preparing some raw wireframes, defining the scope of work and building a team that can make it a reality. In the meantime, we set up all the tools, start filling the backlog with tasks and make sure all required resources are available for the official kickoff.
  • Development

    To make sure that our work is aligned with your vision, we leverage iterative approach. Every sprint starts with a defined scope of work and ends with a demo, where we present you the next version of the product. Frequent iterations allow you to collect feedback from clients quicker and adjust the course if necessary.
  • Release & Maintenance

    Your product is there! Gather feedback from your clients and let's iterate even more. While working on making your product even better, we can make sure that the software we built stays up and running and is always available to your clients.

Transparency and Communication

We believe that a well informed client is an essential part of a successful engagement. You know what’s going on every step of the way thanks to the access to the whole infrastructure and all communication channels related to the project.

High Quality

We want to make sure that our work matches your expectations. Passing all unit tests is mandatory for pushing a build, every task has to be accepted by a QA specialist before it's closed and best software development practices are part of our standard workflow. We can also set up an infrastructure for monitoring your app's health when it's live.


There’s no point in wasting time on things that can be automated. That's why we use Jenkins pipelines to run tests, build our software and take care of bunch of other repeatable tasks.

Best Tools

Project Management software we use allows clients and our PMs to stay on top of things, Slack is our primary tool for daily communication and BitBucket with Jenkins boost our development process.

Our Clients

What They Say About Us

  • Katie Glymin
    I worked very closely with Mateusz on several projects and I can honestly say I have never worked with anyone quite like him. A lot of people work hard at their jobs, but Mat ate, slept, and breathed his role especially during crunch times. He is a leader that every member of his team looks up to and respects. He was always available, no matter the hour of the day, or the day of the week, to help his team, the product or the company with whatever was needed. He is likable and easy to work with. He always appears calm and collected even in stressful times. Mat's technical skills are amongst the best I've ever seen. He can tackle any development challenge with ease. He can see both the big picture and the little details, all while working quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend working with Mat if the opportunity should arise.
    Katie Glymin
    Lean Street
  • Kelly McConnell
    Mateusz and his team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Mateusz ensured he only ever hired the best of the best, bringing the most knowledgable and experienced developers, thorough QA engineers, super architects. They are forward thinkers, innovative and creative in their solutions approach and most importantly embody one of our core values while working as part of our team. "Being on the same side of the table as the client" and always doing what's best for them. Being a Polish team working with our US clients we never had to worry about language barriers, cultural differences blocking communication or lack of skill within a field. We will continue working with them as they execute on the clients vision and goals and always bring home a win!
    Kelly McConnell
    Lean Street

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