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Assess the current state of your platform against  the organizational goals the software is expected to meet.

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Consider a Code Audit?

Assessing the quality of code is challenging when only observing the final result. Picture this: your clients uncover issues and outages before you do. It's not just a hiccup; it's a potential loss of trust and business.

Early Issue Detection

Buggy and error-prone code negatively affects your customers' experience. Uncover them  before they become customer-reported problems.

Coding Practices Assessment

Ensure your software is built using industry-best practices, optimizing for performance, scalability, and maintainability.

Strategic Technological Roadmap

Evaluate your existing technological infrastructure to determine its capacity for supporting your product expansion plans.

Technical Assessment:

Key Dimensions


We analyze the code base and infrastructure in order to determine if it has been built following industry standards and best practices


We check if both technology and business are vulnerable to basic security threats.


We determine if the platform is set to operate continuously with monitoring in place.


We investigate reasons of poor performance and assess the platform's scalability potential.

What You'll Get:

90-minute business goals mapping session

Detailed report

Actionable suggestions and recommendations

Hour-long debriefing session with senior technical consultant

Technology Health Check

 Intellectual Property
and Infrastructure Control

Frequently, code is built by external agencies or freelancers, and requirements regarding intellectual property (IP) and infrastructure ownership are not imposed by the client. This situation often results in the client lacking control over technology-related assets, posing a genuine threat to the business.

Beyond Requirements:
Validating User Capacity in Tech

The platform created for the client might have been developed without specific requirements regarding the anticipated user count. Even if such requirements were defined, they may have never been validated under actual traffic conditions. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that the technology is prepared to meet upcoming business goals, whether it's a large-scale marketing campaign, a new product version, or the introduction of innovative features.

Long-Term Resilience:
The Cost of Ignoring Tech Enhancement

Technology is often constructed over an extended period during which its form undergoes significant changes. Failure to dedicate time to its enhancement and the reduction of technological debt can lead to stability issues and hinder the continued development of the application.

Quality Assurance in
Long-Term Development

A platform developed over an extended period, especially when created by multiple teams, may be susceptible to a decline in quality. This manifests in system issues and is characterized by the absence of fundamental elements, such as clear code structure or unit tests.

How It Works

Getting the Green Light: NDA & Accesses

Initiating the process by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and requesting access to the code base and relevant infrastructure materials.

Discovery Session

A focused session  to identify the current state of things and determine business expectations about the software.

Analysis of Source Code and Technological Infrastructure

A comprehensive examination to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement.

Assessment of Technological Infrastructure Alignment with Business Goals

Assess aspects such as scalability, security, and overall efficiency to determine the extent to which the existing technology aligns with the strategic objectives of the business.


Insights aimed at optimizing the code base, technological infrastructure, and overall ecosystem.

Fed up with App Bugs?

Time for a Tech Overhaul!

From Breakdowns
to Breakthroughs

Real Stories from Our Audits

Right before the Ed-Tech startup was about to announce the app to the multi million people audience,

we reviewed the product and identified it would break
on the first 100k visits.

A mobile app startup from the US came to us with certain features just before making a promise to investors.

It turned out that there were critical flaws to the security, which could result in data leak and potentially losing the business if they weren't fixed.


What exactly is the scope of the audit?
The analysis of source code and technological infrastructure can cover three platforms:
●       a mobile app (iOS/Android),
●       the backend,
●       a web application.
Before we start cooperation, our technical specialist needs to confirm that the project's scope does not require an individualized cost estimation. This ensures that the predefined terms and conditions of our standard agreement adequately encompass the scale and requirements of your project.
What technologies can be audited as part of your services?
The project must be built using technologies within our expertise:
Backend: Python(Django), JavaScript (Node)
Frontend: JavaScript/TypeScript(React)
Mobile: Kotlin,Java, Swift, ObjectiveC, Flutter
How long does the audit process take?
The timeframe for the audit depends on the number of platforms under scrutiny. The service duration is individually determined, typically not exceeding 10 business days.If time is of the essence for any specific reason, please inform us, and we'll make efforts to expedite the entire procedure.
What access will be required for the audit process?
Ensuring a seamless audit process is crucial. To facilitate a comprehensive examination, we require access to:
●       the source code of the application
●       access to app stores: Google Play, AppStore
●       infrastructure details: server, cloud provider
●       error reporting applications: Crashlytics, Sentry.
Is an audit necessary while work on my technological product is still in progress?
The complexity of software grows with project evolution, introducing new platforms, components, and systems to be maintained over time. Early identification of vulnerabilities and weak points in the system can potentially save you from significant challenges down the line. While some aspects, like backups, may require attention regardless of circumstances, recommendations provided during the audit can help prioritize issues based on their impact on business goals and project strategy.
I am satisfied with my current subcontractor. Why should I consider an audit?
Seeking an external perspective on your technology is not a reflection of distrust but rather a strategic move towards ensuring the robustness and efficiency of your system. While some agencies might perceive it as a lack of trust, a mature and experienced partner would recognize the need for a counterpoint.
After receiving recommendations, what comes next?
It's your decision how to proceed with the recommendations. You can present them to your current partner, implement the min-house, or leverage our support. We can provide a skilled team ready to execute specific tasks. All assignments are undertaken only after written approval, ensuring that the cost, timeline, and scope align with your needs. Billing is based on the planned time and hourly rates of the specific specialists in the project team.

Team Competencies

Technology Consultant:

Senior Tech Consultant with the business background

Leads discovery meetings.

Identifies key audit areas for specific platforms.

Analyzes audit results.

Prepares recommendations.


Determines the specialists required for audited platforms.

Manages access to infrastructure.

Leads project documentation.

Responsible for progress reporting.

Technology Specialist

Senior Developer in Tech Area, at least 5 years of exp

Conducts analysis of source code and infrastructure.

Evaluates feasibility in the context of business goals.

Mateusz Kupczyk

Technology Consultant

Decade+ tech expertise, architect, and business strategist. Partnered with founders from bootstrap to series. Helped clients in the capacity of Fractional CTO.

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