Tech support
for marketing agencies

We provide high-quality services in tech support,
website development, mobile applications,
dedicated software and team extension.


the team’s workload in your agency

We will build a team of programmers,
take care of managing workload fluctuation
and support you with the maintenance of ongoing projects.


That’s what it’s all about:

Experienced team of developers

There are programmers, graphic designers and project managers in our team who can take over or support work on the development of popular web technologies (WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify etc.).

Flexible engagement

Set a minimum monthly engagement size (20 dev hours +) as a support and scale up from there if there's a need for it.

Affordable prices

Maintaining expensive dev team when there's no work is challenging. Consider offshore software development to maximize your profits.

Tech Support

Need a quick quote or Tech expertise? Great!

We not only delegate an account manager who can answer staffing requests, but also a senior tech specialist who can deeply understand your needs and even support you during sales calls with your customers.

Deliver Projects Faster

Team Extension with a dedicated Project Manager

We have a proven process that works with agencies and makes sure that the cooperation goes smoothly. We always have a PM on our side, who organizes work on our end and delegates subsequent tasks to the right people.

& progress tracking

We have experience in working in international teams. We pay particular attention to intrateam communication and regularly report the progress of work.

Case study


Branding agency full of artists

The Gig Agency

American digital agency with wide-ranging activities

Lean Street

Technological support for, among others, aviation industry

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