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Partner to an outsourced tech firm

Partner to an Outsourced Tech Firm Case Study


Brivals partnership with Lean Street dates back to 2016. Agency’s creators and current partners have over 20 years of experience in providing project solutions for clients around the world. The main field of the agency's activity are small and medium-sized software projects. Lean startup strategies are their specialty and they have developed interesting, thematically and technologically diverse projects. Their strength is the ability to adapt to the client's needs.

Our Roles

Software Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance

Lean Street's main headquarters are in the United States, but the company's global reach is confirmed by teams operating, among others, from Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Thailand and, of course, from Poland. We began working with Lean Street in January 2016 (as our current CEO, Mateusz, was their lead architect) and we continue to cooperate on a variety of projects.


If we were to describe our cooperation with Lean Street in two words, what comes to mind is: universality and flexibility. The work is challenging but rewarding, interdisciplinary and broadening, but most of all, fruitful. What's behind it?

Team Extension

For the needs of the agency's ongoing endeavors, we have provided specific project roles - from various developers, QA specialists and graphic designers, to project managers. Furthermore our cooperation proves that international communication doesn’t pose a problem nowadays - using online tools, even time difference isn’t an inconvenience. We believe that business is about relationships and the one with Lean Street is a long-term one. They can always count on our accurate estimates and on-time deliveries, and on the other hand we can be sure to be a part of engaging and fascinating projects.
Lean street case study

Technologies Used

Python + Django


/ Node, Next.js, React /


Lean street tech support

Complete Projects

Working with Lean Street we had a chance to thoroughly manage entire projects and make diverse concepts a reality. We learned a lot about previously unmet branches and established long-lasting business relations. Interestingly, we have gained a very wide experience in cooperation with the aviation industry.

Examples of projects we worked on

  • Tuxedo Air - a startup that offers professional class membership air travel
  • Surf Air - a subscription-based airline and “all-you-can-fly” membership club with services in California, Texas, and Europe
  • Manifest - a membership-based tourism organizer for whom the ultimate goal of travel is experience
  • iAck - a utility tool for managing flight crew schedules and itinerary changes
Lean street case study


"The team is able to think on their feet and raise flags when things don’t work."

Not always everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Occasionally, situations or expectations may change. At Brival, we highly value customer satisfaction and are always happy to support them with experience and advice. We bear in mind to think on the client’s behalf rather than just on getting things done. And we are proud to say that we care.

Kate Yoak

CEO, Lean Street

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