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Alice Home supports residents with getting the best possible experience at their homes. It allows them to book services available in the building, interact with their home managers and order additional assistance in specific areas. Life can be easier, when you're coming back from a business trip to a fully stacked fridge and freshly changed sheets.

Provided Services

Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance

QA Services

Project Management

Software Development



The originator had a vision of his project and we could easily go from the general to the details. Our team, consisting of Project Manager, QA, Product Owner, 3-4 developers and, of course, the Founder, managed to launch the application in the AppStore in a very short time. Effective communication as well as effective teamwork were the basis for the successful implementation of the project.


Whole development process took us about 3 months. We were able to achieve that having all requirements and designs delivered by our client. We dedicated our time to app development and backend, and then devoted the last month to PWA (Progressive Web Application) and polishing up the latest changes in the mobile app.
Alice Home case study

Technologies Used

iOS + Swift

Python Django

React + PWA


System Components

Native mobile app
for iOS


Progressive Web Application for internal use by employees

Back-office panel for administration

Brival case study

Time Buffer

One of the most characteristic features of cooperation with startups is their dynamism in action. They react quickly to changes, but also actively amend the concept, improving the idea. That’s why, when working with startups, we always plan ahead a 1-2 sprint buffer. It’s not only to have a moment to polish the product. It’s main purpose is to give a client some time, if he decides to modify or add anything. Then we can apply changes to the scope. Our experience has shown that flexibility is an extremely valuable feature in cooperation with startups.


AliceHome was created to provide the highest level of service to residents. Meanwhile, it also turned out to be a fully functional tool for handling all business activities. It allowed our client to manage financial operations, human resources and plan day-to-day affairs.


Advanced service planning rules

AliceHome supports various service plans. Residents can arrange recurring assistance of house-keeping, laundry and dry cleaning, order a one-time service from a wide range offered, and even purchase additional services resulting from special needs. You have an unexpected business trip? AliceHome will make sure your beloved dog is well taken care of.

In-App Messaging

Messaging allows residents to communicate directly with their personal home manager. The real-time messaging framework supports push notifications and attachments. You have an idea for new floral arrangements for a social gathering you are planning for the weekend? Just send Alice a picture of what you have in mind, and a home manager will take care of everything.
Alice Home Residential service business
Alice Home native mobile app for iOS

Stripe Integration

We integrated a world leading payment gateway, so that residents can make payments in the way that is most convenient for them. The application supports monthly credit card payments, single fees for one-time services, as well as billing for additional assistance. Making payment is easy and intuitive.

PWA for Internal Use

In addition to Mobile App, we created a Progressive Web Application, developed mainly for employees. It’s portable, it’s quick, it has notifications – it’s an innovation. PWA was designed with the view of administrative use.


"The app is running great, and we’re happy with the work they did.”

The app that Brival developed for the client has been successfully launched in digital stores with top-notch functionality. They led a communicative process with a responsive approach to solve any issue that arose. The partner also praised their balance between cost-benefit.

Aaron Raybin

Executive, Residential Services Platform

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