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What better way to describe a journey of development process, then using an example of a travel startup. We were brought aboard Manifest by its CEO - Jeff Porter. He’s idea was to combine the aviation business in which he has huge experience, with his greatest passion - tourism. That is how a concept of Manifest Escapes (now known just as Manifest) came to life. The idea was to create a membership-based travel agency that provides new, innovative ways to experience a variety of offered destinations where planning is no longer a concern. In fact, experience was set to be the ultimate goal of travel. 

Provided services

Software Development

Project Management

QA Services

Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance

The plan was that the project would allow a limited number of users in different cities to buy a membership for the program. Verified users are to have access to a range of travel services of different nature and interests. What they have in common is the fact that everything is planned in advance - the client does not have to worry about the organizational issues of the trip and can enjoy vacation without any troubles. Additionally, traveling with Manifest also provides a unique opportunity for networking - members travel in small groups with other users, which is conducive to establishing contacts, including business relationships. And isn’t that easier when all your other needs are met?


Every great adventure starts with assembling a team. Client representatives - CPO and CTO were joined by our Project Manager, 3 developers, Quality Assurance Specialist and an architect. In 2018 we started the project by crafting a heavy build. We have divided our entire journey into weekly episodes: weekly sprints helped make the weakest part of the development process immediately apparent and allowed the team to get the most out of the available time; weekly demos let the client keep his finger on the pulse and watch their concept grow up right before their eyes.

MVP / Minimal Viable Product /

In the first phase of product development, we focused primarily on the analysis of potential users. MVP made it possible to set up accounts for members to sign up for tour waitlists. Thanks to this, our client could find out which destinations and forms of recreation are the most popular. Manifest focused then on organizing the first trips exactly where the members wanted to go. In addition to the already mentioned functionalities, the MVP provided the possibility of handling marketing tasks, user management and general support for the real product. We also integrated a payment feature allowing the members to conveniently pay their annual or monthly fees.

Technologies Used

Python + Django


/ Node, Next.js, React /



After launching a completed product we moved to a second phase. We scaled our team down to one developer and now provide constant support and maintenance. This allows us to respond to any changes that come along the way as fast as possible.


Extensive functionalities of user accounts

Any member that creates a personal account in Manifest can use a wide variety of features, including:
  • signing up for waitlists;
  • subscriptions;
  • possibility for many members to join one account;
  • member account support.
All those functionalities were created with a thought of the most comfortable user experience.

Checker integration

All Manifest members are verified, which allows basic background checks for flights to be done discreetly and conveniently. Based on personal data provided, the system can, for example verify, if a member is fit to travel internationally.

Advanced payment

Manifest is integrated with a plaid payment method. This allows the users to conveniently pay by credit card for all services - both for membership and for any additional ones.


“I’ll share them with everybody, and there’s no greater praise than a willingness to refer."

They were fantastic across the board, meeting all necessary deadlines. Whenever we had an urgent issue, they’d bend over backward to solve the problem for us.

Eric Marcoullier


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