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Luksystem has been dealing with intelligent home systems, industrial automation and SCADA visualizations for many years. The team consists of experienced engineers from the automation, IT, electrical and security industries. The design of the installation in each home offers dozens of possibilities - lighting, temperature, security systems and multimedia control. There are plenty of possibilities and there is a need to manage them more efficiently within the company. This need was answered by the LukCRM application - an IT system that allows organizing basic activities within the company.

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Software Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance

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A crucial aspect of working on the application was that it should provide support for the functioning of the company on many levels. It includes not only high-level project management, but also customer service, invoicing and much more. The application is used by both managers and employees, but also customers, and each of these groups needed it for different purposes.


The wide range of application functionalities required increased attention and focus on detail. Project Manager delegated to the project, front and backend developers, Quality Assurance specialist and an architect completed their tasks in a relatively short time.

Technologies Used



Google Services API Integration

System Components

Dashboard for managers and employees

Responsive web panel for clients

Admin panel for superusers

Internal tool for proposal generation


Admin panel for superusers

One of the key features of LukCRM is the ability to manage projects from the application level. This includes handling of employee and customer accounts, control tools and, for example, payment tracking.

Internal tool for proposal generation

In the case of smart homes, preparing an offer for the client that would meet his requirements is relatively problematic. The pricing depends on a large number of factors, such as the area of the house, the client's needs or the number of individual elements of the installation, etc. One of the functionalities of the Luk CRM application is an internal offer generator, based on a simple tool in which the employee completes the basic parameters and the system produces an estimated offer.

Customer account

A completely separate application module was the one prepared for the needs of Luksystem's customers. Its functionality goes far beyond billing information, invoicing or completion date. The customer has an overview of each stage of the implementation process of the ordered service - he can see the progress of construction works, installation designs, information about installed components and the production process. He is sure that his order is carried out in a reliable and, above all, safe manner.

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