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Moxie Sozo

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Over 90% of our long-term partners come to Brival on the recommendation of our previous clients and it gives us great satisfaction. We were brought aboard Moxie Sozo by a Creative Director and by a CTO, to whom we were suggested as a responsible and reliable software development partner.

Hiring FAQ’s

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Moxie Sozo is an independent branding agency located in Boulder, Colorado. It has been operating for over 20 years and offers its clients a comprehensive product of strategy, design, and interactive. They are an agency of creative and inventive people whose idea is to release art into the business world. Their strength is creating lasting bonds with their clients and they implement the same strategy in business cooperation.

Maxie Sozo’s brand development methodology is actually very consistent with any agile-based software development process. That, among other reasons, makes them an easy-to-work-with partner. They just… make art work.

Hiring FAQ’s


We joined an energetic development team with well-established cooperation conditions and good practices. And we did our best to make them even better. Brival was faced with the task of solving various issues. Based on a methodology derived from larger processes,we have managed to develop solutions to avoid the multiplication of tasks.Taking this into account, we design estimated software development - we apply user acceptance testing after the quality assurance analysts have tested the software for any bugs. Not earlier we deploy a product that we believe is developed as well as possible.

So far, we have completed projects related to about 10 websites, mainly including the implementation of marketing campaigns, redesign and creating landing pages, followed by sustenance and fixing any possible issues. We have since

Team Extension

Our team, consisting of a project manager, 5 developers and 2 quality assurance specialists, was built regarding technology and soft skills, tailored for the needs of Moxie Sozo. It guarantees the stability of the process and makes sure it is at its best quality. Regularity of work is secured by daily meetings of the Brival project manager with the Moxie team, followed by in-house stand-ups with devs. This way we can ensure support for many projects at the same time and the fastest possible reaction to emerging issues. Our arrangement is transparent and flexible, which makes it easy to scale up if necessary.

Technologies Used

PHP, WordPress



Node Js

Vue, AngularJS


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"They were incredible. Brival’s team was able to jump into any type of project and be comfortable building upon that work regardless of the stack of code.”

We were proud to show the results to our clients time and time again. Overall, they went above and beyond to deliver the best project and hit our intended deadlines.

Fred Bryant

UI/UX Designer, Moxie Sozo

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