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Impression Retail is a US based digital marketing agency. With every campaign they work closely with their clients to make hard work pay off with innovative solutions that drive real results. IR specializes in technology focused initiatives that create uniquely perfect digital media strategies.
“Turning everyday impressions into real time customers.” Our cooperation started in 2019 and the engagement is ongoing. Brival provides ongoing custom software development services to an ad server platform. This included building an ad preview tool.

Provided Services

Software Development

Project Management

Data Analysis

Infrastructure Setup



One of the biggest campaigns we took part in was one for a national chain of hardware stores. It was an enormous operation - it encompassed over 500 locations at the same time. Each of the stores could make an individual decision on the level of involvement in the campaign - depending on the needs, resources, location, etc. Impression Retail was selling… well, impressions - numbers of viewers of the ads for every store location. The key element of the project was its dynamics - we controlled the incoming data on an ongoing basis and, based on it, we adapted the tool to the recipients. This made it possible to hit the right groups with the right messages. We checked which methodologies were the most efficient and we invested in them, saving on ineffective activities.

Data analysis

The entire frontend was based on dynamic, personalized ad creation. This would not be possible without extended data collection, processing and analysis. Generated ads had dozens of millions of impressions monthly. Adding to this data collected from external providers, including, inter alia, information about devices located near the locations of individual stores - it’s not hard to imagine that a huge data waterfall was constantly flooding our software. We analyzed the received data on a monthly basis and updated the system based on them. Analyzing data and discovering insights, we made necessary changes that allowed us to determine a campaigns success and optimize tactics to achieve desired results.


The whole process required a harmonious team work, in this case a team of six. The scope of work included, first of all, a seamless combination of the frontend (dynamic, personalized ad creator) and python data analysis. Good collaboration means a smoother operation of the entire project, which makes it so much easier to maintain after the main phase is completed.Our team put a lot of emphasis on being available to the client - we had weekly stand-ups and used organization and management tools for tracking progress.

Technologies Used




System Components

Web & Mobile Ad Creative

Data Analysis Platform

Supporting Tools for Recurring Campaign Setup


Dynamic personalized ad creation

This is definitely the outstanding functionality of the project. The software not only locates the nearest store, it also analyzes user data and based on it creates a personalized advertisement that best responds to his needs.


Initially, the application focused mainly on user geolocation. It turned out to be insufficient functionality. In the case of generating reminder ads for users who visited a given location only while passing through, data analysis showed the need for an update. This turned out to be particularly important in the context of changes in consumer behavior resulting from the pandemic and lockdown. We used an iterative approach - retargeting, evaluation process - we obtained more data, e.g. from various external providers which we later back filtered through them.


“They’re always available, and the team is very responsive."

As a result of their work, we’ve seen a 30% revenue increase. Anecdotally, they’re efficient and deliver on time. They keep the momentum of the project going.


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