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The originator and founder of JestLepiej app is Michał Zarębski - physiotherapist, athlete and promoter of a healthy lifestyle. His activities are firmly established in the local community, which he tirelessly motivates to improve their lifestyle. Michał is a local activist, very committed to improving the quality of life of his recipients. His activities are distinguished by consistency - he not only conducts physiotherapy for his clients. He conducts lectures and training, during which, for example, he explains how to be healthy and active even when we lead a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, he is involved in many grassroots initiatives. But most of all, he motivates. And it was the motivation that stood behind the idea of creating an application that monitors the daily activities of its users. By doing these simple activities every day, they will soon become habits and take users' life and well-being to the next level. Small changes to everyday practices can bring extremely positive results in the long run.

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JestLepiej is definitely one of the fastest projects we have implemented. Quick decision, defining assumptions... and in just two weeks we had the MVP ready. Two iterations later the application was presented to a few thousand people at a conference. Within a month of its publication, it had several hundred active users. This is the best proof of its functionality.


The most important decision in the design was, of course, the choice of technology. We decided to use Flutter - it allows creating one codebase for 2 platforms, which reduces the cost of development. It is also a future-proof solution that reduces maintenance costs.The entire project was carried out by our team of Project Manager, Quality Assurance specialist, graphic designer and developers. It was delivered on time, within budget and met the client's expectations - what more could you want?

Technologies Used


Python + Django


System Components

Hybrid Mobile Apps for Android & iOS

API exposed for the mobile apps

Admin Panel for Superuser


Holistic approach

The application is based on a holistic approach to self-development - working on yourself in three dimensions - body, spirit and mind. It suggests users to perform a minimum of 2 activities per dimension each day. Those are simple activities like turning off all screens one hour before bedtime, doing 15 squats, or telling yourself a compliment to the mirror. The key to success here is regularity, which makes these activities habitual. Each user can check with thumbs up the listed activities that he/she spent time on in a given day.

News & Content sections

All the activities suggested in the application are supported by a description - why are they important and how can they affect us in the long run. In addition, the news section, in which materials prepared by Michał (text and multimedia) appear regularly, allows you to keep your eyes on the target. Michał is an engaging motivational speaker and brings encouragement to those in need.

Calendar and activity tracking

Checking off activities in the app every day is not just a way to turn them into a habit. This also allows for monthly evaluation. Michał recommends the application to his patients, suggesting which of the activities would be most beneficial for them. During the next visit he can verify their validity and show patients how a small activity can bring effect, if we repeat it regularly enough.

Push Notifications

You had a crazy day at work and a thousand other responsibilities right after? And what, you forgot to take care of your own well-being, didn't you?Never again. The app uses push notifications not only to remind you to perform daily tasks. It will also let you know that new content has appeared in the news section. If that's what you want, of course.

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