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Voting application for communities

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The idea behind the iVoting initiative is that it is the largest Polish research program developing Blockchain technology in voting. The goal is for it to be an easy, user-friendly online tool that can be used for various purposes. Polish Startup that is developing iVoting, acquired 6,2 mln PLN of external funds from The National Centre for Research and Development. This subsidy opens up wide research opportunities.

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Project & Product Management


Software Development


We came aboard the project in January 2020 for the first, pilot, implementation of the idea of using iVoting initiative to smarten up local communities. The iJaworze application was made in PWA technology and is available on iOS, Android and Desktop. It’s goal was to ensure a high level of security and anonymity in Internet voting, tailored for the needs of Jaworze community and commune authorities. The essential feature of the application is the possibility of conducting surveys and polls among the citizens. 
Should we organize a fireworks show for New Year's?
Should the commune office have extended working hours once a week? 

Those questions help the mayor to address any current issues. The smart app for the local community is constantly improving. In fact, the first question asked showed us that the application needed more specific algorithms for selecting recipients. It now provides reliable results for the mayor. 
Since its implementation, the Smart Gmina application (built on the basis of iJaworze) has been expanded with new modules. Today it is not only a tool for conducting public consultations - it is also a reliable source of local information, warnings about weather hazards, as well as a place to submit your suggestions or ask the authorities of a local government a question. It also includes a calendar of local events. What more tools does a progressive manager need to efficiently connect with the community?
The iVoting idea grew to be over 20 initiatives now - including the original iJaworze, Smart Gmina and Smart City, but also Business, NGO, GOV and University oriented apps.

Hiring FAQ’s

Technologies Used

Python Django




System Components

Progressive Web App


Admin panel
for app moderators

Admin for managing
system tenants


Quick PWA prototype

Our first task when joining the iVoting team was delivering a Progressive Web Application prototype. It took us only 2 weeks, and the app is highly reactive, supports notifications and can be installed on mobile devices. Within the next month we delivered an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Any further development is based on a standard sprint-cycle and a dedicated team.

Multi tenant architecture

The modern world requires us to keep our distance, creating a new kind of remote relationship. This reality demands digital, trusted tools to help build consensus in small and large social groups.
Creating a highly customizable progressive web app, that can be dynamically built from the backend admin panel, ensures that the iVoting can be deployed to a new environment (another local government, an NGO or business conditions) in a matter of days, instead of weeks. Multitenancy allows various tenants to use core software with a dedicated share of the instance.


The system is ready to be integrated with a core Vote Castle protocol provided by iVoting. As a result it will ensure a low vulnerability to hacker attacks and is going to be virtually impossible to break. It is based on solutions used in the Bitcoin blockchain, which has never been hacked yet. Created blockchain is designed to save tasks in a decentralized data register and establishes a high level of security and anonymity in Internet voting.

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The iVoting app supports numerous surveys and polls. It is based on strong assumptions regarding voting security, data protection and anonymity. It verifies eligible voters, enabling them to vote from any location, using smartphones. In the future a record on the public blockchain will allow any person to verify the correctness of the vote and check that it was cast properly. All those features provide another important benefit - cost reduction. How many sheets of paper would you save, if you could reach everyone you wan’t through an app?


We brought our best aboard this project. Apart from our CEO - Mateusz Kupczyk, who holds the position of Mobile Applications Development Expert in iVoting, our team consists of: project manager, frontend and backend developers, quality assurance specialist and a designer.

Hiring FAQ’s


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"The app is running great, and we’re happy with the work they did.”

The app that Brival developed for the client has been successfully launched in digital stores with top-notch functionality. They led a communicative process with a responsive approach to solve any issue that arose. The partner also praised their balance between cost-benefit.

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Executive, Residential Services Platform

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